Recently our CEO Virgil Ferreira visited our Centre of Operations office, located in Cebu, PH.

This fantastic facility houses our engine room, where so much of the magic happens! This is where we Support many of the world’s global forwarders and shippers in managing their rate data.

Quick facts:

  • Opened in 2012
  • Opened in 2012
  • 100+ staff
  • 24x5 Global Support
  • 18x5 Production Support
  • 1300 square meters of office space

Our highly skilled team of subject matter experts have many years of experience to call upon, and specialize in analytics, Excel, customer services, and software development. Speaking about his visit CEO, Virgil Ferreira said, “This team really enjoy seeing their efforts make an impact, they are very goal orientated” commenting on the great team spirit he added “the high energy and smiles in this office are contagious, it’s a great environment”.

Catapult Office

We are proud of our low attrition rate, with many of our staff in Cebu having been with us for 4 or 5 years, we believe this is down to our inclusive management style, and providing opportunities for growth. This means our clients get truly experienced and expert support.

Our Continuous Improvement Manager A.J says “What I love working at Catapult is the culture of continuous growth, not only growth on business process but also on developing each employee to bring out the best in them. In this company, you can always see happy and smiling employee’s. I am very proud to be part of it for more than five years now”

When the pressure is on and large development projects are underway, or rate management is running at full capacity during contract season, our team has their own way of keeping happy and healthy – office Zumba! Studies have proven that exercise at the office supports mental health, boosts teamwork, increases the happiness factor and relieves stress – according to our team, it’s working!

Catapult Office

Here are few comments from the floor:

  • “In Catapult, you work with energetic and happy people.”
  • “I appreciate the friendly and lively working environment”
  • “We are not working as workmates but a family”
  • “I love to work at Catapult”

Following the great success of Catapult Cebu in its first 5 years, what’s next?

“Our Cebu office is an excellence center, we have experts from the shipping industry, rate management, customer support and innovators in our IT team. I want to leverage the longevity and experience of the team and increase the integration with our innovation / IT teams to continue to improve our speed and accuracy in our rate management services, and expand some of our other services, like the freight audit product. This facility and the team will continue to be a vital part of Catapult’s leadership in the digitization of the shipping industry” Says Virgil Ferreira, CEO

Catapult Office Catapult Office